Done by Matea at the Powerhouse Museum

As a result of my collaboration with Nicol & Ford, some of my shoes have been acquired by Sydney's Powerhouse Museum!

Nicol & Ford's "La Pouffe" Collection featured in the Absolutely Queer exhibition currently being held at the Powerhouse Museum (MAAS). 

"Absolutely Queer is an exhibition celebrating contemporary queer creativity for Sydney WorldPride 2023. The exhibition explores Sydney’s leading queer creatives who are reshaping attitudes towards their community through their work, creative processes and personal stories. Absolutely Queer will feature costumes, design, artworks, fashion, activism and multimedia." - Powerhouse Museum

A total of seven of Nicol & Ford's looks were acquired by the museum to be held in their permanent collection once the exhibition is over - which included the seven pairs of shoes I designed and handcrafted for each of those looks. Exciting!

Absolutely Queer is open for viewing for the rest of the year! (17 Feb - Dec 2023).

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