anima capsule collection

A capsule collection of 11 styles selected from the 25 pairs that Matea Gluscevic designed and handcrafted in response to Nicol & Ford's THORN collection, as seen at Australian Fashion Week 2024.

ANIMA takes inspiration from Nicol & Fords designs and influences, namely the life and work of underworld Sydney figure Rosaleen Norton as expressed through their garments. This inspiration has then been channeled further through Matea's own interest in the psyche, and the question of where exactly within us the concepts of masculine and feminine reside, and the forms they take.

ANIMA is the soul, the masculine and feminine intertwined, and a direct reference to the beast which remains active in all our shadows.

Featuring hand moulded vegetable tanned leathers with rich wrinkled skin like textures, reptile prints, solid pine hooves and heels and references to equine and feline traits.

• • •

made by hand in Australia from the finest materials

[4 week make time]