[ 1 ] to encourage self expression in a safe environment free of ridicule or harsh judgement:

The "wild" in Wildstyle refers to the radical act of true self expression that is often hindered by our normal social environments, not necessarily how crazy an outfit is. 

[ 2 ] to create a diverse social environment:

The aim is to get a wide range of people from different backgrounds and social groups to participate and perform at events. This also allows for a more varied group of people to come together each time, providing a more diverse social space.

[ 3 ] to promote local artists and businesses. ​

Emerging artists and small businesses are encouraged to participate and contribute to events in whatever form they may suggest. This is in an effort to create more spaces that are open/inclusive as opposed to exclusive when it comes to participation and promotion.

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photos by Neville Soriano


Wildstyle is a monthly-ish no theme dress up party that encourages freedom of self expression. Matea has been managing and promoting this event for the last three years, across various venues in Adelaide; Format, Ancient World, Jive and Big Window. 

Matea created this event in an effort to provide a neutral space for Adelaide's broad range of communities and a space that would be welcoming for all. One particular approach has been to allow people to apply to dj, or otherwise contribute to the event, thus creating a space that one feels welcome and invited to.

Wildstyle has three goals:

Matea Gluscevic

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